Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[February 2013] Maplestory Hack Trainer: GG3 Download

How To Update GG3 to work with the latest Maplestory
1. Start GG3
2. Click "Start Game"
3. Wait for Maplestory to load
4. Click Auto Update ( found in the GG3 menu in Maplestory > Auto Update )
5. Done.


This trainer is FULLY BYPASSLESS.

Sunday January 27th
New update today brings a bit more features including Timed teleport which was request some time ago. What this feature brings is the ability to fall out of the map every X seconds. All you have to do is make sure the location you are teleporting to is outside the map and you are done (it is also awesome for getting the Human Cushion title ). Next up is the awesome feature called auto recover. If you hate maple popups or failed auto ccing from blocking your botting, you will enjoy this feature. What this feature will do is it will monitor your character's breath value (your breath value is a counter that is 0 when you are idle and non 0 when you attack). If it detects that your character is idle for a few seconds when it shouldn't be then it will attempt to get you out of open windows or open chat. This will allow the trainer to continue botting no matter what you encounter. Finally auto CC (people based) is brought back again. It's still not that great in my opinion but it works for those of you who need it.

Many miscellaneous bugs have been fixed as well so if you were having trouble with the trainer before check the latest version to see if it has been fixed.

With the new update of maplestory (well the update about a week ago), Kami and other feature were not able to auto update. Due to this I felt that I have to rush out this version even if a few features are still not polished or thoroughly tested in order to get kami and all other features working again. Because of this, I have made some of the untested features "hidden". There are others that were tested however and I would like to address those in this article.

First, Auto Restarter. Old users of GG2 will be pleased to know that that feature is back and better than ever. After testing, it was able to recover from almost every type or crash (I say almost because there might be certain types of crashing that I'm not aware of). To use this new feature, I recommend clicking on the tiny arrow on the left of the GG3 start screen. It should pop up on a form where you can fill in your login details. I strongly recommend you click try first before using this feature to see if GG3 can actually log you in. If it works and you are happy with the result, go on ahead to start the game and look in the More tab for the Auto Restart feature. One key thing to note is that GG3 will AUTOMATICALLY enabled all saved hacks after restarting the trainer. What this means is if you want auto restart to be of any use, you should enable all your hacks that you use to bot and click on the SAVE button (the icon that looks like a floppy disk on the top right). Note that auto restart is a macro based login system meaning this feature should only be used if you are NOT using the computer as it will take control of your keyboard and mouse to log you in.
Secondly, another feature has been brought back from GG2. It's GG2's profiles. This feature allows you to create "profiles" (a set of predefined values for auto pot, loot, attack, etc.) for different characters so that you don't have to manually change your settings every time you change characters. To create a profile, click on the textbox at the top right of the screen. Type in a name for your profile and hit enter. This will save all current settings to that profile. To update a profile, select the profile u'd like to update from the dropdown menu, change the settings you want. Now click the text box again and hit enter. To delete a profile, open the drop down menu and right click the profile you want to delete. A pop up should come up before it deletes the profile.

Monday, November 19
The main purpose for this update is to address a problem with kami brought to my attention by a user. However since I was in the middle of remaking the entire botting system, I will admit I was a bit rushed and did not test the trainer as much as I'd have liked but it did stand up to 30 minutes of testing.

In this latest release, the botting system has been greatly improved to be more efficient, stable and the code is much cleaner now and I love clean code . Two key features have been added to the botter, one kami will auto turn off auto attack when it detects it is not teleporting to a monster. And two, a "recovery" mode has been added to GG3. GG3 will now detect when something is blocking the botter (either a in game pop-up or the trainer simply failed to CC) and attempt to recover from this. Apart from this, a major bug with kami has been fixed that might have crippled kami for some of you. Enjoy!

Feature Showcase: The feature I accidentally forgot about... ops (About auto restarter)
Here is a feature I totally forgot I ever included. It has to do with auto restarter. If you use this feature please read the following:

Auto restarter is great. It can detect various common errors such as maplestory crashing (just plain closing) or error crashing. But there are things it can't detect. Such as when a grey window pops up with the message "Disconencted" or anything like that. It can't detect if you've logged out somehow. And it certainly cannot detect when maplestory stops responding but remains open. All of this is, however, covered by a feature called "Window Checker". But the question is where is this window checker feature? Well because I've been busy over the past week and been working on GG3 on and off. I forgot to make this feature visible. Instead this feature is AUTO enabled IF maplestory is started successfully with the login script. In other words to enable Window Checker, you can either crash your maplestory intentionally (by closing it) so that auto restart will kick in and attempt to restart OR in the start screen for GG3 click on the tiny arrow button on the left and click try. Both these methods will get auto restarter's script to run and restart maplestory. The feature is ONLY enabled IF the login script SUCCEEDS, you cannot abort the login operation. This will enable the hidden feature. Sorry about the inconvenience, I will remember to make this feature visible in a future release. By mindful, that in order to reduce lag, this feature will only kick in very 10-30 seconds so don't worry if maplestory crashes and GG3 doesn't respond for a bit of time.


How To Use
To use GG3 follow these steps:
1. Start GG3(.exe)
2. Click on Start Game.
2. a) You may be asked to locate your Maplestory(.exe) file. If so simply navigate to the location where you installed Maplestory and select your Maplestory.exe file.
3) Wait for maplestory to load. The sign in.
4) Activate the features you'd like to use and enjoy.

NOTE: You do not have to inject anything. Simply click on Start Game and GG3 will take care of the rest.
ProTip: If you do not want to use GG3's built in injector and would like to use a separate injector, follow these steps: 1) Add GGDLL.dll in the GG3 folder to the injector you'd like to use and inject it. 2) Start GG3.exe (note that instead of "start game", you should see "reconnect"). 3) Click on reconnect and use GG3 as you normally would.

GG3 contains the following features:
- Auto Restarter
- Auto Pot, Loot, Attack, Skill
- Auto CC (macro based)
- Bypassless hacks such as UA, different types of godmodes, morph, tubi, etc.
- Kami vac and Kami loot
- & Much more...

I've decided to name all my secret projects after Pokemon moves
- The new logging system is not thread safe
- Kami + FMA
- Pot Delay
- Fixed auto CC (people)...again?
- Fix problem with FMA and enable saved features.
- kaiser morph (removed until further notice)

Full Trainer Walkthrough
(Area under construction...)


Change Log
[+] Added auto recover option to the auto attack feature [read the news for more info]
[+] Added "timed teleport" (a fall through floor replacement)
[!] Renabled auto CC (people based)
[!] More bugs fixed
[!] Auto restarter will now detect if you were somehow logged off
[+] Fusion Attack
[!] Fixed UA
[!] Fixed Kami Crash issue
[+] Auto Restarter
[+] Profiles
[+] Double team (hidden feature)
[!] Fixed many GUI bugs
[!] Fixed Auto CC
[!] Updated everything to work with the current version of maplestory
[!] Increased Stability
[!] updated to work with the latest maplestory
[!] Fixed kami. Now kami can be disabled properly
[!] Botting system has been completely redone
[!] Fixed bug with kami
[-] Auto CC (people based) has been temp. disabled due to unstableness

Q: GG3 starts but I am having problems with using feature X. Or GG3 starts but Maplestory crashes after X. What can I do?
A: If you suspect it is a problem with the trainer itself, you can send me a debug log. To do this, follow the following steps:
1. Start GG3
2. Press Ctrl + F1
3. Click Enable Logging
4. Try to repeat the problem/crash
5. Obtain the log file by going to the GG3 folder, logs are kept inside appinfo/logs in the GG3 folder and are time stamped for your convenience.
6. Copy the contents of the log file and either send me a PM with the contents or post it here on this thread.

Q: I cannot run GG3 and I am getting errors in the form of "The program can't start because xxx is missing from your computer." How would I resolve this issue? (And others like it)
A: GG3 relies on the Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes and .NET Framework v4.0 which you can get at these sites. Also if you are getting weird graphics glitches or errors concerning files named something like dx____ try downloading the DirectX9 runtimes:
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes (Install the appropriate one for your OS):

.NET Framework v4.0

DirectX9 Runtimes:
Download DirectX End-User Runtime from Official Microsoft Download Center

Q: GG3 shows up as a malicious application. How can I be sure that GG3 is not a virus?
A: Although there is no way to be 100% sure that GG3 is not a malicious application, I hope that the virus scan results can pursuade you that this application is not malicious. If you use google chrome to download my app. You will notice that google chrome will alert you that GG3 MIGHT be malicious. The reason why this happens is explained here in full. Long story short, Google Chrome will detect and mark any download that contains a .EXE file as malicious UNLESS the website that hosted the file is white listed. Because GG3 is indeed a EXE and probably because ********** has not been whitelisted yet, Google Chrome will automatically warn you that GG3 might be a threat. I'm not saying Google Chrome i faulty and wrong, nor can I prove GG3 is fully clean but I want to honestly say that no line of code in GG3 was written with malicious intent and I hope that the VirusTotal scan can convince you of this.